quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2009


Ooooooh myyyyyyy god!
Look to the big size of this package that the postman brought me today! It is from Jennifer in U.S.A.

I can't barely wait to see what is inside. No, no, I must have a picture of it. Where is my camera? Yes here she is, a photo, another one just in case.I finaly open it.

Well, a big and nice bag, in vichy rose with a big rose ribbon! Inside a hearts garland with a rose ribbon too.

Another item, a very heady bag, is not surprising because inside there were three magnifics magasines of Martha Stewart, ( I ask myself how could she have guessed that I like to cook, hihihihi!), and I don't have any book from Martha. Yupiiiiiii!
But it hasn't finished yet, a beautiful pot with a small tree of Easter eggs, who is already decorating my desk.

Thank you Jennifer, you have made a wonderful work, a beautiful package with my favorites goodies! You have made my day! God bless you!

Thank you Linda for organize this swap!

7 comentários:

ameixa seca disse...

Bem, nem preciso dizer que estou mortinha por ver o resultado dos cozinhados inspirados na Martha :)

Fiesta disse...

que bellezas. Espero que las puedas disfrutar.

Cláudia M. disse...

Uau, Noémia, tanta coisa linda! Parabéns! Belo presente de Páscoa.


Noémia disse...

Bem, Ameixa, as fotos são demais, nem sei por onde vou começar. Tenho que explorar bem as revistas.

Obrigada por comentares,Fiesta, espero aproveitar bem, os presentes! :)

Foi uma maneira "gira" de começar o dia, com um presente destes. E ainda não estava a contar com ele porque o prazo de envio só termina amanhã! :)

Aunt Spicy disse...

I am so glad that you like it all! I had so much fun making the garland...its not really practical but it is so fun and springy! I hope you are able to find a quite spot and enjoy the magazines! Have a wonderful spring!

Noémia disse...

Yes ,I will found a good place to enjoy the Spring reading this magazines!Thank you.:)
I hope you receive your goodies soon too and that you like so much as I love mine. :)

Gina disse...

Parabens pelos presentinhos maravilhosos. Enjoy discovering and experimenting Martha Stewart's recipes.
Lindissimos suas prendas.