segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011


Oooooooooh myyyyyyyy Gooooooooooood!
My SSCS parcel finaly arrived!
It's hard to belive that this package travelled arround the world and that one month later arrived to my home. I wasn't really expecting it any more. If it could speak who knows the storys that he could tell us!?
I've follow every steps like it was Christmas.

First a picture of the parcel, so well draped, after that, opening the little ornament. Another picture!

I've read the beautiful card that Wendy right to me.
Finaly opening the big one.Another picture.
You may not belive but in my head  there were carols singing « On the first day of Christmas...».Eheheheh!

I'm a lucky girl, look what a marvelouse work that Wendy B made me!
Such a beautiful fabrics and the wonderful and perfect red work that she have done.

I wasn't too much desapointed for not receive my parcel because I didn' know what it was, but I belived that she was very disapointed that her beautiful work could be lost ! I think she is so happy like I am now!
I can not use the table runner or the ornament now, but belive me I will keep it very well to use them next year. Thank you, I've love it very much, You have made my day. And you know, " Christmas is whenever men want it to be "...even in a 17 of January!
I also want to thank Chookyblue for making possible that people around the world, so different and so far way, can be friends! It's magic!

4 comentários:

sandra disse...

Que sorte! Depois de tanto tempo, imagino que já não esperavas receber algo... E que bela surpresa, é um óptimo trabalho!
Aposto que a constipação foi logo esquecida! As melhoras!

Wendy B disse...

Oh Noemia, you are soooo right!!! I was so worried that you would not get it and be have made my day and my faith has been restored in the postman!!!! I am so glad you love it and we are new friends! I'll remember this year to post in October!!!! ha ha
sugary hugs my friend, and merry merry January Christmas!!!
XXX Wendy :O)

Noémia disse...

Podes crer, Sandra, já não esperava nada receber a encomenda! estava já convencida que tinha ido parar a qualquer canto do mundo...felizmente chegou! A constipação até melhorou um bocadinho. :)

Wendy, more than taking part of the SSCS, this year, we have a story to tell and double joy!Thank you to make me so happy this January Christmas. :)

Chookyblue...... disse...

Noemia I am so happy your parcel just took a scenic route..........instead of the direct route.......Wendy has made gorgeous gifts.........thanks for being so patient and also for being part of the SSCS 2010.........